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Krokos Kozanis Tips, for using in


Krokos Kozanis saffron gives to dishes a delicate aroma, a subtle spicy flavour and a beautiful yellow color. It goes perfectly with rice, pasta, sauces, chicken, fish soups, lamb, potatoes, pulses, bred and cakes, even ice-cream!
Using Krokos Kozanis saffron is like using an expensive perfume: a little bit has an amazing effect, so it should be used sparingly, in the quantity stated in each recipe.
Krokos Kozanis in powder form is dissolved in water before being added to cooking.
The stigmata of Krokos Kozanis are dissolved in a cup of water for 1 hour before cooking and added in food either together with the water or add just the water after straining out the stigmata.


For every cup, use 10-12 stigmata of Krokos Kozanis or in powder form, use half of the 0,25g sachet.
It is not necessary to dissolve powder previously, as you can add it directly to the drinks.