Inhibitory Activity on Amyloid

Inhibitory Activity on Amyloid-?? Aggregation and Antioxidant Properties of Crocus sativus Stigmas Extract and Its Crocin Constituents Abstract Crocus sativus stigmas are one of the widely known spices (saffron) and…

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Crocetin An Active Component

Crocetin From Saffron: An Active Component of an Ancient Spice Abstract The known properties of saffron (Crocus sativus, L.) and its components have been examined. Recently, hormone like effects in…

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Analysis of Crocins and Picrocrocin

Comparison of Different Tandem Mass Spectrometric Techniques (ESI-IT, ESI- And IP-MALDI-QRTOF and vMALDI-TOF/RTOF) for the Analysis of Crocins and Picrocrocin From the Stigmas of Crocus Sativus L Abstract Rationale: The…

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